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Term Start Prep Checklist for Teaching Faculty

1. Check LMS Details

  • Check the version of the course that is set to go live in the upcoming term. Ensure that it contains all essential elements, follows your desired structure, and has all the proper assessments.
  • Check the gradebook to make sure it’s correctly configured.

2. Check Resources

    • Review all required and supplemental resources for the course for continued relevancy and usability. Replace any resources that are no longer available.
    • Consider switching out older and/or outdated resources for ones that better reflect the current state of the field.

    3. Reflect and Implement Changes

    • If you’ve taught the course (or a similar one) before, think about what went well and what didn’t. Consider any student feedback you’ve received.
    • Channel your reflection into possible changes and/or improvements that you can make in the upcoming term.

    4. Review Required Technology

    • Confirm any technologies you’d like to use (i.e. polling software, Respondus, SafeAssign, Turnitin, GoReact, Zoom, etc.).
    • If it doesn’t already exist, create or link to guidelines about how students can access the technology and how they can receive technical support if they run into issues.

    5. Determine Communication Approach

    • Think about how you best communicate with students (video announcements, emails, assessment feedback, etc.), then decide upon an approach for the upcoming term. Having a plan for how you will effectively communicate can help you develop rapport with students and establish your instructor presence in the live term.

    6. Update Syllabus, Schedule, and Due Dates

    • Update the syllabus, course schedule, assignment deadlines, notification settings, and any other term-specific items with the appropriate dates and information for the upcoming term.

    7. Create Your Introduction Messages

    • Keeping your planned communication approach in mind, create or edit a course home page that introduces students to the subject matter and conveys your passion for teaching it.
    • Create an instructor bio that introduces you to students both professionally and personally.

    8. Send Pre-Term Communication

    • Before the beginning of the term, send a communication to enrolled students that welcomes them to the course, guides them about how to access it, and establishes expectations for engagement and communications.
    Posted October 6, 2023
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